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Import video

MoocNote is organized around video courses. Each video must be a part of a course. You can think of a course as something like a playlist. The goal is to group related videos together. (For example a beginner iOS Swift programming course can contain multiple videos.)

You can create as many courses as you want, and each course can contain any number of videos.

To import a video, simply paste the video link into the import box on the dashboard page.


MoocNote does not create a copy of the video. Only the video URLs are stored and so if the video is not more accessible then MoocNote will not able to play it. However you can still access your notes.

The following video sources are supported

  • YouTube video
  • YouTube playlist
  • Dropbox video
  • OneDrive video
  • OneDrive folder

Video import

If you import a video, a preview page is displayed and you can select the course where you want to add the actual video.

You can create a new course simply by entering a new course name into the course field and pressing Enter.

Import YouTube video

Solution 1

The simplest way to import a YouTube video is to simply enter your search term into the import box and press Enter or click on the Go button.

This will result in a YouTube search and you only need to click on the icon - either (1) or (2) - to import the selected video.

Solution 2

You can also import a YouTube video simply using the video URL. To get the video URL, you can do any of the following methods.

- Copy the YouTube URL from your browser and paste it into the import box.

- Get the YouTube shared url directly from YouTube.

- Click on the share icon on the top right corner of any YouTube video and copy the share link.

Solution 3

If you have the MoocNote extension installed, then you can simply import the video from YouTube using the icon.

Import YouTube playlist

Importing a YouTube playlist is very similar to importing a simple YouTube video. The only difference is that in case of a playlist, a new course will be created using the playlist title.

Import Dropbox video

To import a Dropbox video you need to share the video first by clicking on the Share button on the Dropbox interface.

If the video is shared, then you can copy the video URL and import it into MoocNote.

Import OneDrive video

To import a OneDrive video you need to share the video first by clicking on the Share button on the OneDrive interface.

If the video is shared, then you can copy the video URL and import it into MoocNote.

Import private OneDrive video

You can attach OneDrive access to your MoocNote account, which allows you to import private OneDrive videos.


In this case, you cannot share the video with others.

Select the Cloud from the top navigation menu.

The first time you sign in, you will need to grant MoocNote access to your OneDrive account.

Once access is granted, you can simply browse your OneDrive content and import any video file.

Import private OneDrive folder

You can also import a complete OneDrive folder. In this case a new course will be created where the course title will be the imported OneDrive folder name.

If the selected folder contains sub folders, then MoocNote will create a new chapter for each sub folder.


Only one level of sub folder is supported.

Edit course

You can edit your own courses any time by clicking on the or in case of a shared course on the icon on the dashboard.


You cannot edit a course that was shared with you.

On the course edit page you have the following options:

  • Edit course title, author, and description
  • Edit video title and description
  • Add and remove chapters
  • Edit chapter title
  • Organize videos into chapters
  • Modify video and chapter order
  • Remove video from the course
  • Remove the complete course
  • Modify course access, share course

Share course

On the course editor page, click on the course title on the top left to select.

To control course sharing you need to select the appropriate Access level. By default, all courses are created as private.

Access levels

  • Private: - Only you, the owner can access the course.
  • Group: - You, and the selected group members and users can access the course.
  • Member: - Any MoocNote member with the course link can access the course. However, it is not available for guest users and search engines.
  • Public: - Anyone with the course link can access the course , including search engines.

Basic sharing

Select the Group access level and the Modify sharing button appears. Click on the button to grant access to the course.

Select any existing groups or add any email addresses to share the course with.

In the message area, type any message you want to send to the invited users as an email. This will be sent to them, along with information on how to import the course.

In case of a shared course you can see the share settings on the course edit page.

If you share a course, then an email will be sent to inform the related users. Besides this, if a course is shared with the actual user, then a new message box appears on the dashboard and the invitation can be accepted immediately.