About MoocNote

Over the last couple of years we have spent countless hours learning new technologies with the help of various video training courses. Working in the IT sector keeping up to date with rapidly changing technological trends is an absolute must. We have plenty of personal experience about the advantages and disadvantages of using video based learning solutions.

One of the issues that kept coming up in conversations was how tedious it was to take notes and synchronize the notes with the videos. Without a link between videos and notes going back to double check some information was tedious and impractical. After a while we actually gave up trying. However, this hindered the learning process and we realized we have to find a better solution. The idea of a video player that was optimized for learning from video courses was born about a year ago and slowly our concepts started to take form. We drew not only from our experiences but talked to many other people and finally we put together a list with most prevalent problems and recommendations for their solutions.

These solutions form the core functionality of MoocNote.