Help / Managing groups

Existing groups

To easily manage course sharing you can create groups and can share a course with all of the group members at once. Besides this you can monitor each group member progress if you want.

You can collect your students, colleagues, friends, family members into groups and share courses with them.

To manage groups click on the Groups link on the top navigation bar.

On the group page you can see your existing groups and also the groups you are invited in.

If you already have created some groups you can review - in addition to the basic information - the members in the group and weather they are already joined the group and also you can check which courses are shared using the given group.

Creating groups

To add a new group simply click on the add new button.

On the group editor page you need to enter the name of the new group with an optional description.

You can select to whom should the system send an invitation email.

Finally you need to list all of the group members with their email address and name.