Help / Video player


The video player interface has multiple areas (panels) as you can see on the image below:

  1. Video title panel
  2. Sidebar panel
  3. Video panel
  4. Note panel

Video title panel (1)

By default you can see the actual video title here. By clicking on the title text you can switch between the course title and video title.

A small note icon is link to the note summary page.

Sidebar panel (2)

On the sidebar panel you can find all course related information as course outline, course notes and course overview grouped by tabs


Under the outline tab you can find all videos listed in the actual course.

In order to make it easier to identify a video a small thumbnail image is also displayed.

If there are any note attached to the video then a small note icon is present on the right of the video title.

At the end of the line a small indicator shows the progress (finished - in progress - not started) of this video.


Under the notes tab you can find the notes related to the actual video or course. You can jump to the note by clicking on the grey title area or edit it by clicking on the cog icon.

You can change filtering of the displayed notes by clicking on the icon on the sidebar header.


Under the overview tab you can find course related information like title, description, length and so on.

Course progress

At the bottom of the sidebar you can find a course progress monitor. You can check total course length, time spent and time remaining easily here.

Video panel (3)

Here you can see the video itself, a video progress bar and the video controls. If there are any note attached to the video then they are displayed on the progress bar. The white marks represents your notes and the purple marks represents notes taken by other users (Only if the course is shared with others).

To check the note a note mark represents just hover the cursor over the note mark and the note content will be displayed in a small popup box.

If you start taking a note the video control will be replaced with drawing controls. (Only with premium account.) So you can draw on the screen capture as well. After saving the note the drawing controls will be replaced again with video controls.

Note panel (4)

The note panel where you can type your note. If the note panel is activated then the video will be paused automatically. So you have plenty of time to take and format your note. After saving the note the video will continue.

Note handling

During the video playback you can take a note any time you want. Just start typing in the textarea or click on the big icon.

If you activate the note editor then the interface changes a bit. The video control panel switch to drawing panel and new buttons will be visible

Format note

You can format your text, insert source code or complex formulas.

Draw on screen capture

You can draw squares, circles, lines, arrows, add numbered steps or extra text on the screen using the drawing panel.


This feature are only available for Premium members and requires MoocNote Chrome extension to be installed in your browser.

Grab text

You can grab text from the video using the built in grab text feature. Just click on the garb text icon and then select the area from where you want to grab the text.

After a small processing time a dialog will be displayed with the result. You can select if you want to paste the result as a simple one-line text or keep the formatting. Keep formatting is especially useful if you grab source code from the video.


This feature are only available for Premium members and requires MoocNote Chrome extension to be installed in your browser.

The result of the grab text feature depends on the video and the selected text size and quality

Saving notes

If you have finished your note you need to save (or cancel) it to continue with the video. You can save your note as a simple note or as a question.

- By default your note will be saved as a private simple note by clicking on the icon or press Ctrl + S

- If you want to save your note as a question then click on the icon.

- If you want to save your note as a public note then hold the Shift key.

- If you want to discard your note simple click on the icon or press Esc