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Getting started

MoocNote is organized around video courses. Each video must be a part of a course. You can think of a course as something like a playlist. The goal is to group related videos together. (For example a beginner iOS Swift programming course can contain multiple videos.)

You can create as many courses as you want, and each course can contain any number of videos.

To import a video, simply paste the video link into the import box on the dashboard page.

MoocNote will process your request and displays a preview of the video. Select a course where you want to import it and click Import

After successfully importing the video, you will see your new course on the dashboard.

Simply click on the video image to start playing the course.

If you want to add a note to the video, then just type in the text area. The video will pause automatically, so you don't need to worry about missing something important. If you are finished, then just click on the icon or simply press Ctrl+S .

Your notes will be listed on the left panel.

You can list all of your course notes under the Notes menu and you can export them in various formats.


Some features are only available if you are a Premium member and the MoocNote Chrome extension is installed on your browser.