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How to take notes on videos

The Most Efficient Way to Take Notes with Online Videos

It has been at least 20 years since online courses first started popping up for college. Since then, the online learning world has exploded with paid and free courses for self- and professional development, technical skills, homeschooling, and much more. Most of these courses contain at least some type of video tutorial or lecture component, and it can be very different to take the notes that you need from a video-based, online course compared to taking notes in a traditional classroom.


Think about the times when your teacher or trainer would put up a photograph on the overhead back in the day or draw a picture on the whiteboard to illustrate a process. Many times, your notetaking skills could not keep up with what was being explained. Having that photo or picture to put into your notes would have been so helpful to have.

Nowadays, you can easily snap a picture of the whiteboard or the PowerPoint an instructor is using, but then, you have to search through hundreds of photos on your phone or tablet or remember to organize them into albums for the specific class that you’re taking. That takes time to do, and it would be much more beneficial to use that time to study or pay closer attention to the speaker.  

When you’re learning on your own or studying as part of a larger course, you often have to watch videos online, such as on YouTube or videos that your instructor has shared with you via a file sharing platform, like DropBox. Having the video to watch is great, but you still have the problem of having to take notes and figuring out the best way to capture the images you need and to insert them into your notes in an organized way. Taking screen shots of every still in a video can get really time-consuming.

With our notetaking system, MoocNote, you have the ability to put all of your videos that you are learning from into one place. You can simply take a screen capture, and it is automatically attached to the note if you start typing. You can edit your notes at any time.


Sometimes, the way the teacher is explaining something makes much more sense than if you were to write down the idea or process in your notebook or your word processor on your laptop or tablet. If there is a particular bit of information that you want to save to your notes, you’d have to copy down every word, and videos go too fast for that. Yes, you can definitely stop the video and copy them down while you watch a regular video without MoocNote, but why take the extra time to do that if you don’t have to? With MoocNote, the video automatically stops when you type, and you can grab text when the video is stopped.

An added feature of MoocNote is that you can extract the text from the video simply by copying and pasting them right into your notes. This is especially helpful for programming tutorials where you need to write down code and for cooking classes where you need to jot down a recipe. There is no need to tediously copy them down by hand or to type them exactly as they are on the screen. The time that you save helps you to get through the video faster, and you have the right notes you need to study later.


When you’re working with a study group, or you want to share the videos and your notes with others, it is so easy to do so with MoocNote. Instead of your friend having to borrow your notes or your having to borrow theirs to catch up on what they missed in a video, you can share notes and fill in gaps by communicating through our share feature. You can select classmates, friends, and family members to see your videos and notes, and then you can share feedback with one another, enhancing the learning experience and enriching one another’s knowledge.

Online learning is not the same as it was in the past: tedious and solitary. With MoocNote, you’ll be able to work through your courses at a pace that suits you and then to share the information that you learned and also to learn from others easily.